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David Salvatierra

Through my decade-long training in cabinet and furniture making with my mentor Rick Parenti, I decided to explore my dream of becoming an acoustic string-instrument maker.  My love for music and interest of tone woods led me to the beautiful and challenging journey of Cajon making.  After 5 years of studying and exploring the makings of a flamenco and  Peruvian cajon, I finally arrived at a set of accurate and professional-level percussion instruments. 


My interest in cajon-making comes from my love of music.  From playing guitar to singing and dancing, I realized it would be great to complete the "musical circle" by also making the instrument that the musician can play and I can dance to. 


 Exploring different woods and techniques to produce a cajon is exciting.  Choosing box dimension, string location and thickness of front plate lamination, yield to different sounds and tones. Curating the right types of veneer for the "Tapa" makes the difference in sound quality and volume.  Once the instrument starts showing its musical capacity, the process becomes even more exciting.

I take pride that professional percussionists have chosen Salva Cajons for their performances and recordings.  


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